Arthritis Management with Walk-In Tubs

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Some facts about Arthritis

Although arthritis is most common in people 65 years and older, many millions of all ages have to manage the disabling effects daily. Symptoms include inflammation, swelling, stiffness and joint pain; making almost all activities you enjoy difficult to do. The earlier you can identify and manage arthritis, the sooner you can circumvent its painful effects. Buying a walk-in tub is a terrific step in preventative care.

Health Care

As we all know, health care can be expensive and arthritis is no exception to the rule. The largest amounts spent on combating arthritis is spent towards physical therapy and visits to your doctor. By investing in your care proactively and investing in a walk-in tub, you can gain a valuable tool in health care of all kinds and can save money in the long run - in addition to being more comfortable all the while.

The healing power of heat

Immersing yourself in one of our tubs provides full body relief of sore joints and muscles almost instantly, unlike localized treatments which can be more cumbersome and certainly not as easy as taking a bath. Heat relaxes muscle groups, decreases stiffness and pain and can give you more mobility when preforming your daily tasks.

Helpful hints:

  • Make sure the temperature of the water is comfortable and not scalding.
  • Be careful to check your skin for redness and add cold water if discomfort occurs.
  • To get the full benefits, soak for at least 15 minutes.

Take the weight off your shoulders!

Bathing in warm water has been proven to help treat sore joints. In 1998, two physicians discovered that after three weeks of regular warm bathing arthritis sufferers didn't feel as much pain and noticed relief from stiffness. Many said they were more limber as their use continued. The study found that the reason this simple treatment did so much in the treatment of arthritis is because resting in water reduces body weight by up to 90 percent - something you can't get with a normal shower or shallow tub. Having strain removed from joints and cartilage allows the warmth of the water to ease blood flow and enhance the healing process for sore or damaged tissue.


Diabetes Management with Walk-in Tubs

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Millions of Americas suffer with diabetes everyday. Many individuals with this disease are learning that the best therapy may be found in a Walk-In Tub.

Healing Effects of Warm Water

The key to treatment of diabetes is constant care of your body and taking preventative measures against further damage. A study from the New England Journal of Medicine found that patients with Type II diabetes who used warm water for therapy reported a 13% reduction in blood sugar levels, improved sleep and an increase in their overall sense of well being.

Better Quality of living through Walk-In Tubs

Bathing is one of the few moments in our lives when we can truly relax and feel free of pain and worry. When bathing becomes uncomfortable or difficult, it's time to invest in your health and consider a walk-in tub. Owning a walk-in tub can ease the pain of diabetes and even keep it from becoming more severe by reducing stress. Research has shown that stress reduction may indirectly improve blood sugar control.

A few of the advantages of having a Walk-In Tub for diabetes management:

  • Improved circulation aids in immune system effectiveness and wound healing.
  • For those unable to exercise but seeking relief and comfort, tub therapy increases blood flow to muscles which may help insulin-mediated glucose uptake.
  • Your walk-in tub provides a comfortable venue for soaking sore feet.
  • Step into your tub any time you want to bathe, easing the strain on joints and tender muscles in the thighs and back.
  • Air and water massage helps stimulate the skin where it needs the most care.

Care for yourself at home!

Perhaps most importantly, having a walk-in tub can give you a large degree of freedom by allowing you to take care of yourself in the years to come in the comfort of your own home. Our Walk-In tubs let you bathe easily and comfortably without the fear of slipping or falling. Check out our showroom today and start enjoying these and other benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Invigorated cardiovascular system
  • Revitalized immune system
  • Healthier skin
  • Natural pain reduction
  • Increased range of motion